Apply for Jawatan Kosong Steward Supervisor Marriott International Kota Kinabalu in Julai 2022

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Job Title : Steward Supervisor | Company : Marriott International | Location : Kota Kinabalu | Pub Date : 14 Mei 2022
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How To Write A Cover Letter Management Trainee

When applying for a job in this tough economy, it’s not enough to know how to write a cover letter. You need to be able to tailor your cover letter for each job you apply for. Here are some tips that will help you know how to write a cover letter for a management trainee position.

Let’s say you are applying for a job as a management trainee. Most people applying for these kinds of jobs don’t have a lot of work experience. So for them understanding how to write a cover letter with a little creativity is vital. As with any job application, the first thing you need to do is read the job posting carefully. Then read it over again. Highlight what you think are the most important job functions and the most important qualifications.

For example, if the job posting mentions that they are looking to place trainees is a variety of small, rural cities, they expect the trainees to work a variety of shifts, including weekends, and want someone who is willing to relocate, ask yourself what that is telling you. What it tells me is that they want someone who is flexible. So in my cover letter (in the middle paragraph) I would tell them about some work experience I had that demanded great flexibility. I could say something like this:

“While working for Mary Jo’s Restaurant, I worked all shifts and assumed multiple roles, including hostess, server, and bartender to provide timely customer service.

Also in that middle paragraph, I would describe some other accomplishment of mine that demonstrates that I have the skills they are looking for. And I would mention how my educational background aligns with their requirements.

Generally management trainee programs are all about teaching you the operation of the company. Find the sentence in the posting where they mention this. Use some of their language to express your eagerness to learn. This would go in the third paragraph.

A critical sentence in your third paragraph explains why you want to work for that company. Do some research to come up with a good reason. Keep in mind that most companies use their management trainee positions as a way to find people to hire for management positions. So if you can express why you’d want to work for them long term, you’ll be a step ahead of your competition.

A bad reason for why you want to work for the company is “you have cool products.” A good reason is “your company enjoys a reputation for high quality products and leading edge manufacturing techniques.” Then tell them what you can contribute to them. At a minimum say something like you will work hard and want to help them meet their goals and objectives, but try to be a little more specific than that.

Don’t feel you have to address every one of their requirements; just pick the ones that you think are most important and reflect your strengths. Suppose the posting says they want someone with a stable work history. That applies to very few college students. So don’t worry about addressing that one.

Knowing how to write a cover letter isn’t the hard part. It’s figuring out what to say that can be a challenge. After reading the tips in this article, you should have a much better idea of how to write a cover letter for a management trainee position.

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